Starting to Clean a Blue Hulled Barnacle Covered Orkney 440

08 November 2016

Once upside down on a trailer I am able to get access to the bottom of the hull.
The barnacles were removed prior to me buying the hull but the white coloured rings you can see are where they were.These stick to the hull as if glued on and a pressure washer simply won’t touch them.I use a combination of a blunt ended scrapper and a razor blade scrapper.I take my time and am very carefull not to scratch the gelcoat.


Once I’ve covered a small area and got them all off I use wet and dry and plenty of clean water to clean the dirt off.This boats going to be anti fouled so I use 400grade wet and dry below the waterline.I tried a finer paper but it just took more time.
Above the waterline the boats gel coat is scratched where the fenders have rubbed over time.These came off with wet and dry and then I used the polisher with a Farelac cutting compound.