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New Arran 16 Open Boat Package

Open Boat Packages built to order

New Arran 16 open boat for sale £7495.
Price includes 316 stainless steel bilge and keel bands, bow roller, large fore deck cleat, rear aft cleats, fendering, bow and rear corner protectors,inner and outer transom plates, emergency boarding ladder and seat boxes.
Boat £7,495
Roller trailer 600EL £1,695 or bunked 600B £1350
Tohatsu electric start tiller control longshaft outboard engine £2,350
Full open boat cover £295

Total Price £11,490 with bunked trailer £11,835 with roller trailer.
Included in package:

9.8hp 4 stroke longshaft Tohatsu tiller steer electric start engine £2350.
SBS 600B bunked trailer £1350 or SBS 600EL roller trailer £1695

Any questions please get in touch
4.88m - 16’
1.98m - 6’5”
Year of Manufacture:
Built to Order

New Arran 16 Full Package

Arran 16 Outboard version, full turn key 'boat, trailer, engine and accessory' package
Total Price £14,210 with roller trailer and £13,910 with bunked trailer.
Included in package:

Boat £7495, Cuddy £995, Cover £250 fitted, 2 x swivel seats £295, 4 x grab rails £160, aux engine bracket £120, manual bilge pump £85.
Tohatsu 9.8hp 4 stroke electric start longshaft engine on full remotes £2520.Steering Console cable, wheel and helm, battery and box all fully fitted £595. SBS roller 600EL £1695 or bunked trailer 600B £1350.

Any questions please get in touch
305 kg
Year of Manufacture:
Built to Order

Arran 16 Front and Rear Cushion Set

Three part cushion set for the Arran 16.
These will fit both the outboard and diesel inboard boat.
The forward seat is covered by one cushion and the rear by two cushions.
Available in blue with white piping.
Included in package:

Cushions x 3

Any questions please get in touch

Arran 16 + Orkney Longliner Steering Console Sets

Steering Console for the Arran 16 which also fits an Orkney Longliner.
Console £220
13ft steering cable £122
Helm £62
Plastic Wheel £33 (shown in pic)
Soft grip stainless steel wheel £93
£437-£497 depending on wheel choice.
Included in package:

Console, Cable, Helm, Wheel

Any questions please get in touch

SBS roller and bunked trailer prices

New Bunked trailer £1350 inc spare wheel, adjustable height winch post, jockey wheel and lighting board.Made to fit Arran 16.
New Roller Trailer £1695 inc spare wheel, adjustable height winch post, jockey wheeling lighting board.Made to fit Arran 16.

SBS bunked trailer £1,350.
SBS roller trailer £1,695.
Included in package:

lighting board, height adjustable winch post, spare wheel

Any questions please get in touch

Fishing Canopy

I have had a fishing canopy designed for the Arran 16 which enables you to sit undercover while you steer the boat from the console.Made with a stainless steel stainless steel frame and available in vinyl or canvas.
Removable side panels and quick release pins allow you to remove it completely when not in use or simply fold the frame forward over the cuddy.
Vinyl £745
Canvas £822
Included in package:

Made to order in vinyl or canvas.

Any questions please get in touch

Folding Dodger Sprayhood

Folding Dodger or spray hood which is used on open boats without a cuddy.Folds down forward when not in use.Gives shelter from the wind and rain.
Vinyl £566.
Canvas £663
Included in package:

Available in vinyl or canvas made to order 3-4 weeks

Any questions please get in touch

New Arran 16 with blue hull cuddy cover grab rails bilge pump

New Arran 16 with blue hull gel coat.
Boat is fitted with cuddy, cover, boarding ladder, bilge pump, aux engine bracket, fire extinguisher and 4 grab rails.
I have added the steering console, wheel, helm, battery and battery box.
2 Vetus first mate swivel seats on stainless swivel bases.
All you need to pick is a trailer and engine or take as is.
I can deliver nationwide at cost.
Boat £7495
Cuddy £995
Cover £250 fitted
Seats £295
Aux bracket £120
6 x grab rails £240
Boarding ladder FOC
Fire Ext FOC
Tohatsu 9.8hp on remotes £2520
Console, wheel, helm, cable, battery and box £595
Total £12,510.
Bunked Trailers available new £1350.
Roller Trailer £1695.
Total £13,860 with bunked trailer or £14,205 with roller trailer.
Delivery available nationwide.

This is now sold but I left the advert on to show the blue hulled boat.

Included in package:

Boat, Cuddy, Cover, 4 grab rails, aux engine bracket, boarding ladder, bilge pump, wheel, helm, console, steering cable, fire ext, battery and battery box.
2 Vetus first mate swivel seats on stainless swivel bases.

Any questions please get in touch

SBS trailers 600EL

I have one SBS 600EL trailers left.
They are set up to take an Arran but will take most 16ft boats with ease.
Comes with lighting board, adjustable winch post, winch and jockey wheel.
Spare wheel included
Included in package:

Lighting board, adjustable winch post, winch,jockey wheel, spare wheel.

Any questions please get in touch

small steering console cable helm and wheel

Small steering console for the Arran 16 and many other boats.
You need to scribe the leg and side to make it fit before glassing it or fixing it in place by bolts or rivets.
Comes with 13ft steering cable, helm and choice of plastic or soft grip stainless wheel.
Included in package:

console £220
soft grip stainless steel wheel £93
plastic wheel 33
helm £62
13ft steering cable £122

Any questions please get in touch

Orkney Longliner boat cover

Orkney longliner boat cover.
This fits the early MK1 Longliners with a cuddy and the three wooden bench seats inside.
You need a 4mm drill and a rivet tool to fit these.
Best be quick I only have two left £220

Included in package:

cover turn buttons and rivets

Any questions please get in touch

Orkney Coastliner 14 with blue hull cuddy and cover going through workshop

Orkney Coastliner 14 with cuddy and cover.
I have the boat back the right way up and the cuddy back on.
As you can see the hull is in very condition and I have polished the hull.
I will be putting new windows in and then fitting the engine of your choice.
Final price will depend on finished spec and engine and trailer choice.

I can put a new 10hp Honda 4 stroke on it or a 9.8 new Tohatsu for additional price of £2800 or £2500 respectively.
Included in package:

Blue hulled Orkney Coastliner Boat.
Cuddy and cover.
New steering wheel with serviced cable and helm.
New windows and rubbers
Aux engine bracket

Any questions please get in touch

Hidea 2.5hp short shaft outboard engine

Hidea 2.5hp short shaft outboard engine.

I had never seen one of these Hidea engines before they are made in China.
It came in on the back of an Arran as a backup and is of no use to me as its short shaft.
The engine was a non runner but after a simple carb clean it runs fine.
I have left it running for hours to test it and to my surprise it runs fine.
Starts no problem.
Included in package:

Hidea 2.5hp

Any questions please get in touch

2002 Humber Destroyer 5.5m RIB Suzuki DF90 Roller trailer.

"Hornet" is a 2002 Humber 5.5m Destroyer Rib.
The tubes are in excellent condition with no repairs.
Comes with fully serviced 2001 Suzuki DF 90hp outboard engine with power tilt and trim.
Serviced in Sept 2021 by Clyde outboards and put in the water for the first time two weeks ago.Owner says it had 230hrs on it when serviced.
Fitted rev counter, rev counter, tilt meter, nav lights, fuel filter, fire extinguisher, aux engine bracket.
Twin jockey seats, deck lights, fenders, battery cut off switch, fuse panel,
Comes with 83lt built in tank with fuel/water filter giving excellent range.

Roller trailer with recent new axle, jockey wheel and winch.
I took this boat out for a test myself after taking the pictures and it did over 30 knots easily.
Great bit of well maintained kit.

The boat is presently on a nearby loch but will be removed shortly for inspection.
Included in package:

Lawrence Global map 5200c GPS
Hummingbird wide 128 fish finder
Standard Horizon Eclipse
Engine cover
Jockey Seat and console cover

Any questions please get in touch

Mariner 8hp longshaft two stroke engine

8hp Mariner 2 stroke manual start longshaft tiller steer outboard engine.
This came in on the back of a Orkney Spinner and had been dry stored for the past seven years......
I was not expecting it to run but on the last pull of the cord before I stripped the carb looking for the cause of the problem it fired up.Ran no problem at all with good water pressure and comes with a new external fuel tank.
Sensible Offers
Included in package:

engine tank and line

Any questions please get in touch

Shakespeare Sigma 5 speed 30lb thrust electric trolling motor

Shakespeare Sigma 5speed 30lb thrust electric trolling motor.
Dry stored for 7 years simply clip it on a car battery and away you go.
Its in very good condition hardly used by the looks of it
Included in package:

electric trolling motor (no battery included)

Any questions please get in touch

SBS 600B bunked trailer

Used SBS 600B bunked trailer.
This is set up for an Arran 16 but you can adjust it to fit most 16ft boats.
I have fitted new U bolts where necessary so it all adjusts.
The bunk clamps have new bolts fitted as well as a new winch.
Good wheels and tyres the wheel lock is not included.
You will need a lighting board
Included in package:

SBS600B trailer

Any questions please get in touch

Haven't found what you're looking for?

As well as manufacturing new boats, Arran Boat Sales also buys and sells second-hand Arran 16s, as well as specialising in the small towable Orkney models such as the Day Angler and Orkney Spinner. Whatever you need, get in touch and we might be able to source it.



Ordering can be done by letter, telephone or e-mail, at which time you can discuss your requirements. I will confirm the price in writing or via e-mail and on receipt of the deposit I will put the package together for you.


The non-returnable deposit is 25% of the full order price of the boat or package, payable by bank transfer, bankers draft,cash or cheque at the time of ordering. If I have a boat ready which suits your requirements you can pay in full and have it straight away. The balance is due just prior to delivery by the same method of payment.


We have been delivering and collected boats all over the country and beyond for the past 20 years. If you have never towed a trailer before or are nervous about doing so then why not have it delivered direct to your door. While you will need to learn to tow the boat it is not a good idea for your first experience to be a very long journey of 100 miles or so.

Many of our customers are from the Scottish Isles of Skye, Harris, Lewis, Orkney and the Shetlands etc. These deliveries often involve driving long distances a ferry trip and even sometimes an overnight stay. We are prepared to accompany the boat all the way to your door, meet halfway or drop it at a ferry port for you. Delivery is normally £1 a mile measured from the factory to you plus any ferry or toll charges involved. Please enquire for a quote.


Arran Boat Sales have international freight transport companies who can transport your boat almost anywhere in the world. Please enquire for a quote.


Comrie in Perthshire, Scotland on the banks of river Earn is the home of Arran Boat Sales. It really is a stunning picturesque place to visit. I spend my down time fishing on the local Loch for trout surrounded by wildlife.

There are two hotels in the village The Royal Hotel and the Comrie Hotel as well as numerous B & Bs. Why not come to collect your boat? You can visit the village, stay locally and even try your new boat on the Loch. If you are new to boating or simply want some help and advice we can even show you the ropes. We have had customers from Holland and Germany come and do just that.

For more information on where to stay and visit please give us a call.


We try to offer our customers a secondhand alternative to buying a new boat. This can be difficult however with Arrans, as they are hard to find. The problem is that once you have owned one you will not want to sell it!

As an alternative to an Arran I recommend and sell secondhand Dell Quay Fisher 15’s, the Shetland 16 and the Robert Ives Fisher 15. These boats are no longer in production but plenty still exist due to the heavy build quality. We also specialize in the small towable Orkney models such as the Day Angler and Orkney Spinner.

If there is a particular boat not shown you are looking for please feel free to contact us. It may have just arrived and not yet on the stock list or I might know where there is one.


As well as manufacturing new boats Arran Boat Sales also buys and sells secondhand Arran 16s.

If you are considering selling your boat or want to part exchange it against a new one then please ring or better still email us. We will ask for some recent pictures so your boat can be easily and accurately valued. Regardless of the boats age or condition we will take a look at it for you.

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