Servicing a 2008 Honda 90hp BF LRTU

23 November 2016

As discussed this is much bigger than the engines I normally do but the customer was desperate for a simple service.
I was impressed with the engineering of the Honda.Everything was easy to get to.The bottom plug was the hardest to reach but a removable bit of cowling lets you get the socket in.

These are the two fuel filters one is a simple cartridge type which swaps straight over by simply removing the two fuel pipes.The other is a paper filter seated behind a cover plate.Its held in place by a spring and a new O ring is included in the kit.


Oil filter is just like any other clean the face ,oil the sealing ring and don’t over tighten it.


There was no thermostat in the kit but there were two O ring gaskets for it.I took it out checked it worked and popped it back in.The engines been freshwater use only so its waterways are clean.


The impeller sits in the water pump housing above the gearbox.Its held in place by 5 bolts one of which is hidden behind a cover plate.Once removed you can get to the 4 bolts which hold the pump together.The impeller wasn’t too bad but as I had it in my hand I changed it.The kit includes a new keyway O ring and gasket.
When putting the gearbox leg back on ensure the driveshaft gear change shaft and waterway pipe all line up.

I got it back together and it fired up no problem.