Arran 16 Keel Bands

05 January 2017

I am back in the workshop fitting the keel bands but again its -3 degrees so a bit cold.Having filled the old screw holes in I use sikaflex 291 sealant on the back of the new keel bands spreading it over all the surface.
Sikaflex is great but it goes everywhere so use disposable gloves.

Once you put the keel band in place use a pilot drill to suit the screws your using.
I use either 30mm or 12mm 316 stainless screws depending on whats in the keel.
The older boats have all sorts in them including rebar which will snap your drill.
If the pilot drill hits anything other than fibreglass use the shorter screws which will only penetrate into the fibreglass.If the drill goes all the way in the use the longer screws.Dip them in the sikaflex as well to seal the hole.

I added a U bolt to the bow rather than the through bolt and ring that had been there.It had rusted away and lost its strength.Make sure the hole you drill comes out above the level of the front buoyancy tank or you won’t get a nut on the back of it.Drill straight through the keel band for a good neat strong job.
Use spread washers on the back of the U bolt to stop it puling through.