Fishing sound of Kerrera at Oban.

21 December 2016

Thought I would post how I got on the other night fishing the Sound of Kerrera at Oban.
There is little info on the net other than from other anglers wanting info.
I fished two rods from 6.30pm till high water at 930pm from the Kerrera ferry slipway carpark.
Bait was fresh rag and mackerel cocktail on a pennel rig with 4/0 hooks.
The seas state was flat with no wind and it was approx 1 degree.
Bites came straight away from the first cast although they were hard to hit.
Think the baits were too big for whatever was nibbling.
First fish was a dog fish followed by another seven others.
They were all between 1 1/2lb and 3 1/2lb.
The only other fish was a small pouting which had taken the bait before been torn apart by a larger fish probably a bigger dogfish.
The bites died off about 9pm we we didn’t stay long after that.
Will try and get the photo we took on the phone posted on here.