How to fit a spare engine bracket

27 July 2016
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I have been asked many times how on earth do I manage to fit the spare engine bracket to the Arran 16.

Its a difficult job best done with some help.

Ive fitted two types of bracket over the years, the two position bracket which is either in the up or down position and the multi position bracket usually with 4-6 positions.

The later is the better option in my experience.

It is best fitted to the port side of the boat as far up under the corner protector as it will go and as far to the port side as possible.The reason i fit it to the port side is that the engine counter balances your weight in the boat when your on your own in the steering position.I often put a plastic packer behind the bracket so its 3/4 inch away from the transom.This allows it to be fitted even higher on the transom.

The bottom port side bolt hole needs to be far enough away from the side of the boat to allow a spread washer to be fitted on the inside.Drill straight through the hull and push the bolts in.

Access is gained to the nuts in one of two ways.

You can either lie on your side or back and reach up under the seat or cut a hole in the side of the splash well to get to them.

If your fitting a remote steer engine the hole for the steering return arm in the side of the splash well allows access.

Always fit the biggest spread washer you can find to the back of the bolts.

Some people try to make a plate to cover all 4 bolt holes but its very hard to get it to align in such a tight space.

The other way to do the job is simply to bring it to me to do.

Good Luck