How to fit new Keel Bands

27 July 2016
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The older Arran 16 boats pre 2006 all had galvanised keel bands which rust after time especially if used in salt water.

When I started making the boats i changed over to 316 grade stainless steel for the keel bands.

The new keel bands are 40mm wide x 3mm thick and are fitted to both the centre keel and the two side bilge keels. It takes 2 x 4m lengths of steel to complete the job.

I cut the two bilge keel lengths from one 4m length and use the short section left for the very back section of the centre keel.Bend one end of this so it runs up the back of the keel approx 30mm.

Once the old bands are removed fill the old holes with marine filler.

I drill the new bands every 225mm with a 5mm HSS drill and countersink it.

Use a new drill on slow speed with lubricant (CT 90) to cool the drill.

Its held in place using 30-35mm 316 stainless no 10 screws.

I “butter” the back side of the keel band with sikaflex 291 mastic which sticks anything to everything.

You will need to pilot drill the new holes and be warned you might find anything from 5mm of fiberglass to re-bar (used as ballast in early boats) in the keel.

Dip the screws in sikaflex as well prior to screwing them in.

I will take some photos of a video next time i do the job and post it on the site.

In the mean time please feel fee to ring and ask for advice if you need it.