How to fit a cover to an Arran 16

18 December 2018

The tools you will need are an electric drill with 4mm drill bit a pencil, 4mm dia x 12mm pop rivets, turn buttons and hooks. I use an air powered pop rivet gun but most people manage with a manual riveter. All the rivets and fitting come with the covers I sell.

Start on the top of the cuddy and centralise the cover by using the seam in each corner as a reference. Fit the middle turn button to the top of the cuddy making sure its far enough away from the cuddy lip to fit flat. Once this first one is done work out from the middle fitting each turn button as you go until all five top buttons are fitted.

Go to the stern of the boat and pull the cover tight centralising it using the fold down flap as a reference. Fit the first two buttons on top of the deck infront of the cleats.
You can see I have marked the position by making an oval pencil mark through the fitting hole in the cover. It needs to be pulled tight when you mark this position.
Next fold the flap down into the splashwell and fit these two buttons.


The next buttons are fitted down each side of the cuddy using the side of the window rubber as a reference. The cover should run parallel to the side of the window. Do not pull the cover tight around the top of the cuddy leave it loose fitting or it wont line up correctly.

The hooks are fitted along the side of the boat under the fendering. I put the first and last lacing hook slightly offset to keep the cover taught. Each of the three middle hooks goes directly on the centre line between the eyelets. see pic