Fitting a steering console to an Arran 16 boat

18 January 2017
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Im fitting a new steering console to a secondhand Arran 16 for a customer as part of a larger refit.
The console fits on the starboard side and is riveted to the side of the gunwale and into the centre section of the floor.
The hole for the helm is 6″ down from the top edge on the flat face of the console.Its approx 12″ from either side at this point.
Ive got a large hole cutter but it can be cut out using a pilot hole and a jigsaw.
I fit ultraflex steering gear on the Arrans so its the same procedure every time.
Once the helm is fitted pop the wheel on and hold the console in place.
I put it so the face of the wheel is level with the edge of the cuddy.Use a plum line if you want to get it in the correct spot.Ensure the leg is over the centre keel before drilling any holes or you go through the bottom of the boat.
You can see from the below picture roughly where it goes.