2020 a very unusual year!

16 December 2020

For all of us 2020 has been a really odd year to say the least. For us, the first lockdown was a real shock, I’m sure it was for everyone else and by April our enquiries had all but stopped. At the start of May something stirred in the Leisure sector. People wanting (and having) to spend more time enjoying their hobbies/dreams in this country. We noticed a massive influx of website visitors, our phone rang of the hook and we could not make enough new or buy enough second hand boats to sell.

Fast forward to now and our sales show no sign of slowing down. We have a waiting list for those wanting new Arran 16s , with a deposit securing your customer place on that list. We have a different list for those requiring a second hand package. When we have a second hand boat due in, we contact those people with all the information we have, who ever says “mine” first then follows with a deposit gets it. The boats are often sold before they reach our premises, so you have got to be quick!

We realise that we are in a very enviable situation business wise and we are very thankful for being in this position.

Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise, we work hard for each and every sale whether that be new or used. We are very customer oriented and we are not a faceless organisation… speak to us and you meet us. Some of you will even become our friends! Many customers hear about us and our boats via word of mouth and from past customers. This is absolutely priceless.

The other way people hear about us is via the internet, whether that be on our website or on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Many hours are spent keeping both up to date. We realised quite early on in the Pandemic that we were missing a trick by not having a separate Boat Owners “Group” on Facebook……and so the “Arran 16’s Captains’ Lounge” was born. Our owners did not disappoint! Its great that so many customers trade pictures, ideas and banter on there. At the Owners request, admission is strictly by answering the questions and agreeing to abide by the rules.

So 2020 will be over in a few weeks, life is too short to wish our time away but I doubt any of you reading this will be sad to see it go. Let’s hope that next year is not such a shock to the system as the one before. Remember, safe everyone, we rely on you……you’re the most effective form of advertising we have.

Thanks again

Dave and Kay Naitby

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