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About Arran Boats

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dave Naitby and my business is manufacturing and selling the Arran 16 small displacement boat. I supply everything from a basic boat to a full package deal delivered direct to your door.

You can also get whatever you need direct from me to refurbish your old Arran 16. I sell everything including bungs, keel bands, fendering, bow and corner protectors, steering kits, consoles, cuddys, engines, trailers…………etc.

Please see my list of chandlery for sale on
I also advertise my secondhand Arrans and Orkneys for sale on the above site as it’s the biggest and best boating site in the UK.

I have been the sole UK Arran dealer since 2001 delivering both new and secondhand boats nationwide. In October 2005 I bought the manufacturing side of the business.

The Arran 16 is used by the hire boat operators within the Lake District. They are extremely strong and will last twenty years or more, even with daily use. Please take care of your boat and it will look after you long into the future. Think of it as an investment and enjoy safe boating in your Arran 16!

I look forward to hearing from you soon
Dave Naitby

Arran Boat on Trailer
Arran boat on Trailer in front of Loch Earn, Perthshire
Arran boat cabin interior Arran boat on trailer behind Range Rover